Beyond the Books

Frankie Wilson, Staff Writer

Blonde haired and bright eyed,  librarian Holly Schwarzmann is new to the job.

Schwarzmann has only been a librarian since December, about 5 months, but is so far enjoying her position.

“I have always loved history and worked as a historian for awhile, but didn’t truly love my job,” said Schwarzmann.

Her favorite genre of book is historical fiction, but she enjoys reading all types of books.

“Because of my love for reading I decided that I wanted to be involved with people. Being a librarian seemed like the perfect fit for me!” she said.

Even as the world becomes increasingly more technologically advanced, Schwarzmann still believes that librarians serve a role in today’s society.

“I think that the role of librarians is ever changing. Children don’t come in to only learn about books anymore,” said Schwarzmann. “I want to teach them how and why they should be effective consumers.”

Schwarzmann also took a recent trip to the New York Public Library. She said that it was a truly exciting experience and that she was very impressed with the library.

“The library was beautiful inside and was the size of two city blocks! The inside of the buliding was really impressive and reminded me of a palace.” said Schwarzmann. “I just watched the movie Ghost Busters and found out that the movie was filmed there! I thought that was really cool.”

Schwarzmann favorite part of visiting the famous library was by far finding out that she shared the same last name as the main building.

“Yes, absoloutely [I was excited to find out I shared the same last name]. It was so cool, and I bought a poster of a picture of the library with the name on it,” she said. “Most people spell Schwarzmann with a “t” and I don’t, so when I saw that the library didn’t either it was really exciting.”