Let’s Go FCAT 2.0

Catia Sleet, Staff Writer

The FCAT 2.0 is almost finished. Ninth grade students took the reading comprehension test last week and sophomores are taking the test this week.

Before the tests were taken, administrators and teachers prepared students for it.

Freshman Anthony Padilla completed the exam last Thursday and felt prepared. “My teachers focused on getting us ready for FCAT-type questions and we studied for the test,” said Padilla.

Mr. Brady and other administrators visited classrooms to prepare and reassure students.

“Robinson is an A school and I’m sure we’ll be prepared for FCAT,” said Brady. “It is important to pass for college and it also determines class placement for traditional students.”

Five tips to FCAT success are:

  • Earn a good night’s rest
  • Eat breakfast
  • Read each question carefully
  • Take the test seriously
  • Be confident!