Senior Takeover Day

Isabel Hanewicz, Staff Writer

Yesterday was Senior Takeover Day. Select seniors shadowed a teacher for the day, getting a chance to “be” the teacher of their own classes and experience what is like to teach. In total, 41 seniors took over the positions of 26 teachers and administrators.

Takhir Kakimov by Robinson Knights

“How this works is the student contacts the teacher and asks to take over her class for a day, and in this case, Lara actually prepared a lesson and she taught all the classes. I think she’s been doing very well, and she’s been using videos, radio broadcasts, and discussion questions. She could have a future in teaching. It’s really interesting to see someone else teach my content in my place because I’ve never seen that before. This experience has made me feel more conscious of how class feels like as a student,” ~ Aline Loges, Theory of Knowledge teacher

Ashley Armstrong by Robinson Knights

“The best part of taking over for Ms. Sugar is not having to go to class and seeing how everything works. Also, I decided to do this because I think Ms. Sugar’s really cool. The experience was tiring. I had to walk around, do paperwork, find students and eat cookies,” ~ Louise Cardenas

Lynnette Stott by Robinson Knights

Louise Cardenas by Robinson Knights