Mixed Emotions: IB Seniors’ Last Day

Natalia Ayoub and Emily Draper

The school year is quickly coming to an end for Robinson’s IB graduating class of 2014. This week will be the seniors’ final week of class and as they say their final goodbyes, many are feeling a plethora of different emotions. Some are excited about going to college, while others are more nostalgic when it comes to departing longtime friends and classmates. Regardless, there is an intangible air of excitement circulating through the halls as the seniors prepare for departure. The week of April 28 through May 2 has been dedicated to the upperclassmen, with a Senior Takeover Day on Wednesday and a clap out on Friday. After four years of hard work and commitment, Robinson’s IB seniors are coming into their final stretch of their high school experience. As they now look ahead to the future that lies before them, many have enjoyed reflecting and reminiscing upon their last four years as a Knight.

Gabriel Gonzalez – “We’ve all been together for so long, so it’s going to be hard meeting a bunch of new people. I’ll miss the teachers too. My best memory at Robinson was during freshman year when everyone was still getting acquainted and our homeroom did a “lip sync” video of Fergalicious.”

Kylee Gorngpratum – “I am going to miss all the people, and the family atmosphere. IB has helped me with time management and prioritizing. My favorite memory is going to States for volleyball for the first time in more than thirty years.”

John Lennon – “I was kind of hoping [the last week] would be easy and we would have time to study, but [teachers] are still loading it on, and now is a good time to finish up the quarter. I’m really looking forward to summer and sleeping in.”

Christina Bisaillon “I’m super excited! I want to go to college. I am going to the University of South Carolina and I’m majoring in International Business.”

Hyun Soo Choi – “I’m happy that it’s the last week, but also sad because, you know, everyone is going to move to other states and other schools. [IB has helped me the most with] being able to handle overwhelming amounts of things at one time.”