Students Donate Blood to Help Community


Cedinia Tranchants (’14)

Over 45 students participated in Robinson High School’s last blood drive of the ’13-’14 school year.

About one pint of whole blood is was collected from each student, one bag can save up to three lives. The donated blood is given to patients in need of platelets, white blood cells, red blood cells and plasma. About 129 patients will be given blood in total.

This blood is taken to local hospitals around Hillsborough and surrounding counties.

“My friends [motivated me to do this], I know that I’m saving lives, and that’s good for me, it makes me feel great.” – Zachary Finely (’16)

“Nothing really motivated me, I just felt the need to[do this] and I wanted to” – Andrew Cross (’17)

“Ever since I was in the 10th grade I just felt the need to help people” – Kyle Van Hout  (’14)

“I have blood [and] I can make more, I just want to help the people in need” – Angelica Gerena (’16)

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