Cafeteria Makeover Scheduled for Summer

Jenna Piontek, Staff Writer

To kick off the new school year, Robinson’s cafeteria is undergoing a makeover . After students return from summer vacation, the lunchroom will have undergone a major makeover including the senior picnic tables being moved to the courtyard.

Currently, the lunchroom layout consists of four student serving lines and a teacher’s dining room. This will be changed to six student serving lines and an a la carte window for students facing the courtyard.
Chef Patrick Artz, Student Nutrition Manager, is the lead operator in the 1.2 million dollar project.

This project will take 13 staff members in total. That leaves 10 members to operate the servery, 1 for the window, and two to supervise and help when needed.
Artz says that the changes are worth the large price tag.

“The Hillsborough School District has specifically set aside money for projects like this,” he said. “The contractors have to also bid on the project and whoever has the lowest acceptable bid wins and is able to work on the project.”

Gilbane Building Company is handling the project and developed the kitchen’s design.

There are multiple schools across the county that have similar cafeteria layouts: Alonso High, Gaither High, Leto High, and Davidsen Middle School.

The new lunchroom plan will not consist of the addition of lunch tables. Instead, the tables will be spread farther apart to create more walking room.