Math Teacher Hired to Fill Position

AnnaBeth Graves, Staff Writer

The hiring freeze, which left students without a math teacher for the first month of school, was lifted, allowing Robinson High School to hire a permanent teacher. Mike Walsh, who was an assistant football coach at plant, as well as an assistant teacher at Plant and later became a permanent substitute for a math class there when a teacher left, is the new teacher for Algebra 2 Honors and Liberal Arts Math.

Walsh began seeking a job as a teacher because he disliked the inconsistency that a substitute’s schedule provided him. In late July he saw an opening on the math teacher on the county website and sent in his resume in to Ms. Rodriguez. Due to the district hiring freeze Walsh did not hear back until Tuesday, August 25th. The following day he had an interview. Thursday, August 28th and Tuesday, September 2nd he substituted for Robinson. Wednesday, September 3rd he was officially hired.

Though Walsh works for Robinson as a teacher he is still the assistant coach for Plant’s football team. “I’m able to separate work from play,” said Walsh when asked about the difficulties that come with teaching at one school and coaching for its rival. When asked about the rival game that occurred on Friday, September 5th, he said

“Besides this game, I’m Robinson all the way.”