Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrated at Robinson

Emily Draper , Staff Writer

During the months of September and October, Hispanic Heritage month is celebrated nationally. It begins on September 15 and ends on October 15.

On September 15, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador celebrate their independence. Around September 16 and 18, Chile and Mexico celebrate their independence days. Columbus Day, or Día de la Raza is celebrated within this month as well.

This month not only celebrates the achievements and contribution of Hispanics in the American society, but also the culture and history behind those whose ancestors came from Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico, or Central and South America.

Many activities have been going on at Robinson to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. Hispanic students showed their culture by dancing in the cafeteria during A, B and C lunches at the beginning of the 30 day time period. Spanish teachers, such as Señora Robles, have thrown fiestas, or parties, for their classes to commemorate Hispanic culture.

In addition, many students enrolled in a Spanish class have made decorative posters that now hang throughout the hallways. The posters describe Hispanic Heritage month, honor Hispanic countries, and depict Hispanic cultures that the students have learned in class.

Charles Ward, an IB Spanish I and II teacher, believes that it is important for students to recognize the Hispanic culture that is growing in the United States.

“Hispanic Heritage month is supposed to make people aware of Hispanic cultures that are out there and their influences on America,” said Ward. “[The Spanish teachers] decided as a group to promote this month and get all of the students involved, and we hope to have a little bit of fun with it also.”

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