NJROTC Places 2nd in Orienteering Competition

Individual medalists (from left to right): Hannah Sheppard, Jonathan Copley, Alexa Keeler, Dylan Courtemanche, and Robert Clayborne.

Hannah Sheppard, Student Contributor

Editor’s Note: This story was student-sumbitted to the RHStoday staff. It has been edited  from its original format for length and style.

Robinson’s NJROTC Orienteering Team recently participated in a weekend orienteering camp at Moss Park in Orlando followed by a competition with 210 cadets from 10 other schools.

Orienteering is a race in the wilderness, navigating using a map and a compass. Orienteers use the map and compass to locate specific markers that they go to in a specific order. Once they have gone to each marker, they run to the finish line. The person with the fastest time wins the race.

There are three types of orienteering courses: yellow, orange, and green. The yellow course is usually two miles long and is considered the beginners course because it’s the easiest. Orange course is the intermediate course, usually two to three miles long. Green course is the hardest course, typically three to four miles long. Robinson cadets are required to complete three yellow courses before moving up a level to orange, and three orange before moving up to green.

The cadets started the weekend on Friday, Oct 10th, by leaving the school after lunch and driving about an hour to Moss Park. When they arrived at the campsite, the cadets set up their tents and took a tour of the park.

On Saturday, the team went through a series of orienteering courses to prepare them for next day’s competition. After completing these courses, the team took a dip in the lake, and spent the rest of the evening relaxing. The cadets woke up early Sunday morning, packed up the campsite and competed in the competition.

On the yellow course, Johnathan Copley placed 3rd for boys. On the orange course, Hannah Sheppard placed 3rd for girls, and Dylan Courtemanche placed 3rd for boys. On the green course, Alexa Keeler placed 1st for girls, and Robbie Clayborne placed 3rd for boys.

Robinson’s green team took the 1st place trophy and the orienteering team took 2nd place overall out of all the schools.