AC Malfunctions Cause Disturbances

Leana Pustam and Charlotte Rose

On Thursday, October 23rd, there was a malfunction in the air conditioning system in three different rooms. The biology teacher Craig Everhart’s room, physics teacher Manuel Montero’s room, and the Media Center were affected by this disturbance.

“It was really hot and a lot of people were sweating and complaining,” said Morgan Felt (’17). “It was annoying how we had to move to Mr. Everhart’s classroom during Physics 24. It negatively affected my learning.”

“My room was really hot,” Montero said. “82.7 degrees. We had to move to the Media Center or Everhart’s during classes. It didn’t really affect our lesson plan because we still did the same amount of work, but it was inconvenient.”

Math teacher Joshua Saunders said that the air conditioning in the math hallway frequently breaks down, which he says makes it difficult to teach.

Media Center Specialist Sabrina Fabian said the students were well behaved and it wasn’t a problem because there weren’t any other classes going to the Media Center.

“We had a lot of space,” she said. “I was happy to have them.”

The Media Center’s and Everhart’s AC was fixed within a day of it being broken. Montero expects to his to be fixed within the next few days.