Q&A: Chef Clarke, Ida S. Baker TOY

Victoria Baxter, Staff Writer

Q: What is the Ida S. Baker Award?

A: Ida S. Baker was the first African American to serve as a Deputy Super Intendant for the Florida Department of Education. She was known for her efforts to support diversity and encourage academic success. So basically, the award is given to an individual that embodies the pioneering of that spirit. Basically, I’m a teacher who teaches a diversity of kids and I inspire.

Q: So, basically you’re saying that you’re good at reaching out to a diversity of students?

A: Absolutely, and my staff sees that so they nominated me.

Q: Why do you think that, or that you qualify?

A: I think because I relate really well with my students, I think that they understand my culture for learning and we come in here, we have a good time, we have fun and learn. And I’m not one of those people who I guess you could say, I’m not what you call “demanding”. I give them the respect that I feel that I deserve. I’m a trusting person until you no longer want me to trust you.

Q: How does it feel winning this award for the second year in a row?

A: I am very flattered! I didn’t even think that you could win it more than two years in a row. It means that someone sees that I work hard and I do have an impact.