CIA Torture Report Released

Michelle Aros, Staff Writer

A CIA report has been released, showing how the CIA used inappropriate interrogation procedures to get information from those who were behind the 9/11 attack. The report displays how their tactics weren’t appropriate. The CIA report stated how the CIA used forms of torture and abuse to get information from the detainees of 9/11. They employed “techniques” such as sleep deprivation for up to 180 hours, as well as many counts of waterboarding and nudity. All the information that was gathered in the report was never given accurately or completely.


The CIA told White House officials that their “enhanced” techniques were effective and necessary to get information that they otherwise wouldn’t get. Even though the CIA believed these ways were crucial, it never actually helped find Osama Bin Laden.

Drew Anderson, American Government teacher, said, “I think the CIA’s power is unchecked and leads them to abuse their power. The problem with torture is the reason we’re creating more enemies and allies in the middle east.”
In the end, the Justice Department investigated the CIA’s conduct twice and decided to not press charges.