Andrew Moss Named Finalist for Bill Minahan Award

Michelle Santacreu, Staff Writer

Andrew Moss (’16) is a finalist for the Bill Minahan award. The award is named after Bill Minahan who was a football coach at Jesuit High School. Minahan made a large impact on those around him. To become a finalist you must be nominated by your coach. What makes this award unique is that it is not just based off of athletic ability, but also service work.

“I was very happy and I’m really just happy to make a difference,” said Moss when he found out he was a finalist.

Coach Craig Everhart nominated Moss this year because of his actions on and off the field.

“Andrew has created a summer seven on seven passing tournament that raised a large amount of money for Tampa children’s hospitals, so that was an awesome way for him to use his abilities that kind of added to our program and it also gives him some exposure to do some service work, which is something he’s passionate about off the field,” said Everhart.

The finalists were announced Wednesday afternoon.

“We were excited. We were proud of him. He deserves it. We nominate players for all sorts of things; sometimes it’s disappointing when it comes back the other way. For the most part we were thrilled. I think he’d be a great choice for it.”