Teacher, Student Speak at School Board


Photo I. Hanewicz

A photo from when the students were first given the tablets.

Leana Pustam, Staff Writer

During the 2013-2014 school year math teacher Stacy Zuppa was the only teacher to receive a class set of Microsoft Surface tablets from the county. It was part of a pilot program for the county’s “one-to-one initiative” to provide every student with an electronic device to further enhance their education. On Tuesday, Feb. 3, Zuppa and Isabella Ruiz (’18) went to a school board meeting at the ROSSAC Office building to speak about their experience with the tablets in school.

“I talked about how I used them with my students and how the students learn with it, and [Isabella Ruiz] talked about them from the student perspective,” Zuppa said. “I spoke for about a minute and half, and she spoke for about another minute.”

Ruiz said she likes using the tablets and even bought her own to use in all of her classes. She spoke about how having a tablet enhanced her learning experiences.

The meeting was to show the school board members how helpful the tablets were. No questions were asked of Zuppa or Ruiz.