Musical Theater Students Prepare for “Hairspray”


Photo L. Pustam

Students paint props on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Leana Pustam, Staff Writer

Students in Maureen Pelamati’s musical theater class were spray painting jail cells as a prop for their musical reproduction of “Hairspray.”

The students made other props for this musical as well, and said they did not mind getting a little dirty.

“We’ve been painting these jail cells for 10 minutes, and I already got spray paint stuck in my hair!” said  Emily Ward (’17).

Hairspray is about a girl named Tracy that falls in love with a guy named Link on a TV show, which she gets picked to dance on later in the musical. A casting was held earlier to determine who played which parts in the school’s reproduction. This was open to all Robinson students, not just ones in music theater.

The show will be held on April 23 and 24 in the auditorium. Tickets will be sold the day of the show, or can buy one during pre-sale.