Iced Coffee to be Sold in Cafeteria


Photo L. Pustam

Leana Pustam, Staff Writer

The cafeteria is going to start selling iced coffee for both students and teachers during the breakfast hours of 6:45 am to 7:20 am.

Chef Patrick Artz went to a meeting last week which told all the Hillsborough County high schools that they would be receiving a delivery of the coffee machines and the flavored syrup.

“It’s good that we’re selling the coffee because it’s more options for the students and it could get more of them to come in to the cafeteria and buy more things from us,” Artz said. “We’re going to start selling them during breakfast, and if it takes off, which I think it will, we’ll sell them during lunch, too.”

Two flavors of coffee will be offered – Caramel and Mocha.

“I don’t really like caffeine, but I would definitely try it,” said Juan Rodriguez (’15). “I would probably take caramel.”

The flavored syrup of choice will be added to milk and water, then put into the machine.

Coffee will be sold in 12 ounce cups for $1.50.

“I’m always late to school because I drive somewhere else to get [coffee],” Kivonna Krouse (’15) said. “It’s good that they’re selling them, and it’s a good price.”

Amity Malmqvist agreed with Krouse, as she, like many other students, typically buys coffee before school.

“It’s better than driving to Starbucks in the morning,” she said.

Coffee samples were handed out during lunches March 3, and sales start March 4.