Gold, Green and Blue? | St. Patrick’s Day Feature

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrated by many Americans in ways such as wearing green, dressing like leprechauns, and drinking. But, in fact there’s more to St. Patrick’s Day than green clothes and pots of gold.

  1. The color for St. Patrick’s Day is actually blue and not green.
  2. In Ireland, their symbol is a harp, not a shamrock.
  3. In the U.S, there are more people of Irish descent than in Ireland itself.
  4. There’s a 1 in 10,000 chance of finding a four-leaf clover.
  5. Americans are estimated to spend around 4.6 billion on St. Patrick’s Day this year.
  6. It’s said that about 13 million pints of Guinness beer will be consumed this year by Americans.
  7. There are about 16 places in the U.S named Dublin.

So Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!