Mandatory Uniform Policy in 2016


Photo CC0 Public Domain

An official school tie will be required to be worn every day. Ties will be available for purchase at open house.

Charlotte Rose, Staff Writer

Starting next year, new regulations will be instituted requiring students to wear uniform. Administration believes that this will help prevent bullying and strengthen school spirit.

The mandatory uniform will consist of white button-up polos and grey blazers. Boys will wear khaki pants and black dress shoes. Girls will wear khaki skirts below the knee and high socks with black flats. In addition, there will be an official school tie and students must own a black, grey, or white backpack.

There are also new hair requirements. All boys are to have a buzz cut. Girls are not allowed to have their hair length below their shoulders. Dyed hair and painted nails are not permitted. Students must not wear jewelry. This includes earrings, bracelets, and head bands.

If a student parks their car in the student parking lot, there are to be no bumper stickers. Black, white, and grey cars are preferred.

Any student who breaks these new regulations will receive disciplinary  actions and will not be able to participate in school incentives.

For more information on the uniforms, see www.aprilfools/