Night of Knights Location Changed


Photo I. Giovannetti

Student government hopes to utilize parked cars as spots for food and weary dancers.

Kaitlyn Corwin, Staff Writer

Since Robinson was instated in 1958, the Night of Knights has been a prom experience that alumni will remember for the rest of their lives.

“I spent most of my time photographing the entire event,” says Jill Burns, journalism teacher and former Robinson High student. “I can’t imagine spending my dance any other way. I got to do what I love with my friends and make sure we had something tangible to look back at years later.”

This year, the prom was planned to proceed as usual. The theme is Arabian Nights and prom committee of student government has been working diligently to arrange an in-house DJ and coordinate the proper amount of food. But while worrying about making the even perfect, the committee forgot to allocate a part of the funds to location.

“It’s just always been in the same place,” says Kendall Runyan (’16). “I guess we overlooked the biggest thing because we were too busy with everything else.”

Now, with only two weeks to go until the big event, there is no time to balance the budget. The committee is scrambling to find a new location.

“Plant High School offered us their gym,” Runyan laughs, “But I was like, ‘I think we’ll pass.'”

Until further notice, the prom will be held in the Robinson student parking lot.

“Students should make the most of it,” Burns remarked after learning about the venue change. “It’s not often one gets a chance to dance at a prom under the stars. Also, it’s April Fool’s.”