Robinson to Merge with Plant


Photo C. Chesney

Gabe Jackson (’16) is shocked by the news.

It was announced today by school administrators that Robinson High School will begin the process of merging with rival Plant High School, starting next year. The senior class of 2015 will be last to graduate from Robinson.

Due to declining enrollment and budget cuts in the county, it was deemed more efficient to just close Robinson altogether. Plant graciously offered its unused classrooms for the use of a selection of Robinson teachers. Additional teachers will be reassigned to alternative high schools.

The IB program will be continued at Strawberry Crest or Hillsborough High Schools, depending on where students live.

Students have not all been completely accepting of the change.

“I was shocked. I don’t want to leave Robinson; it’s my home,” said Gabe Jackson (’16). “It’ll just be weird to go to a school that used to be our rival.”

Archie Smith (’15) welcomed the change, but for him, it was a change that came too late.

“I’m a senior so I’m graduating this year,” he said. “I’m sad that I won’t be able to become a Plant Panther.”

In other news, April Fool’s.