Schedule: College Visits at RHS

Michelle Santacreu, Multimedia Editor

Over the next month colleges will be visiting Robinson. To sign up, go to the guidance office. There are sheets for each college on the bulletin board. Here is a list of the colleges and when they will be visiting.

Thursday, September 24
8:45 am Ohio State University

Friday, September 25
8:45 am New York University
9:30 Florida Southern University
11:15 Boston University

Monday, September 28
8:00 am University of Central Florida
9:00 am University of Chicago
9:45 am American University
1:00 George Mason University

Tuesday, September 29
8:30 am University of Alabama in Birmingham
9:00 am University of Georgia
9:30 am University of West Florida
1:30 pm University of South Florida in St. Pete

Wednesday, September 30
8:00 am Florida International University
8:30 am Vanderbilt University
9:30 am Auburn University
2:00 pm University of Connecticut

Thursday, October 1
8:00 am Salem College
8:45 am New College of Florida
9:30 am Georgia State University

Friday, October 2
9:45 am University of Tampa

Monday, October 5
12:00 pm Amherst College

Tuesday, October 6
7:45 am Williams
8:30 am Southern Methodist University
10:00 am Johns Hopkins University
1:30 pm Western Kentucky

Thursday, October 8
7:45 am Tufts University
8:30 am University of Florida

Thursday, October 15
10:00 am Union College
9:45 am ROTC Programs in College

Thursday, October 22
9:30 am Rice University

Friday, October 23
10:00 am Vassar College