Programming for IB Underclassmen Due Jan. 29


Photo I. Hanewicz

ACCA days can be used for productive studying, working on projects or meeting with teachers.

Michelle Aros, Assistant News Editor

This week, IB freshmen and sophomore students begin choosing their classes for the 2016-2017 school year. All freshmen and sophomores have until Friday, Jan. 29 to turn the sheet with their classes into their math teacher.

Freshmen have most of next year’s schedule set in stone, besides their math level. Students have three options, although any student who has already taken geometry must be scheduled into the Trigonometry/Math Analysis option.

The options for upcoming sophomores are either :

  • Trigonometry/Math Analysis (only if geometry has already been taken)
  • Trigonometry/Geometry
  • All-Year Geometry (automatically scheduled into Math Studies SL in Junior/Senior year)

Student’s current math teachers must sign off on the math course chosen, so students with questions should see their math teachers.

Freshmen are also required to take a traditional elective their sophomore year. Options include, but are not limited to: Band, Orchestra, Journalism, AP Human, AP Government, JROTC, Art and Aerospace. For more information, refer to the programming sheet or talk to the elective teacher.

Sophomore students choose which High Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL) classes they will be taking their junior and senior year in the IB program. Teacher recommendations are necessary for science, math and HL art. Teachers will look over student’s test scores and grades to determine where students will be most successful.

All IB students will also take Theory of Knowledge (TOK) during the second semester of their junior year and first semester of their senior year.

If sophomores decide to take a second semester or full year traditional elective, then they will need the teacher’s signature because students will go to their elective class every other day once second semester starts with TOK.

Students must turn in their programming paperwork by Friday, Jan. 29 to their math teacher. With questions, see IB Guidance Conseulor Erika Sugar-George in the IB Guidance Office.