Buy a PDQ Card, Support IB Senior Banquet


Photo A. Crews

Athena Crews, Staff Writer

IB English teacher Meg Bell is selling PDQ cards to help raise money for the IB senior banquet.

“Just 7 dollars for a 10 dollar PDQ card,” Bell said. “Wow!”

The $10 PDQ cards are being sold for only seven dollars. Bell is selling as many PDQ cards as she can, although she is not sure exactly how many more she will be selling. Currently she has sold almost a hundred and will be selling them for as long as they last.

Bell does not have an exact goal on how much money she hopes to raise for the banquet, but wants to try to get as much as she can. Last year, the PDQ cards completely sold out, raising a couple of thousand dollars for the IB senior banquet. Bell hopes to repeat this feat this year.

“Everybody loves it, they’re easy to sell, the people that buy them think it’s a great deal,” Bell said. “It’s a win-win.”

To buy PDQ cars, find Bell in the English hall in room 205.