Enter the 2016 Baaaaad Valentine’s Day Poem Contest

Charlotte Rose, A&E Assistant Editor

As Valentine’s Day rolls around the corner, Mary Bell prepares for her annual Baaaaad Valentine’s Day poem competition. The contest is open to all students.

“They may submit up to two poems and the only criterion are that they have to be typed and school appropriate.” Bell said. “It can be rhymed, unrhymed, short, long, titled, or untitled.”

Bell started the contest when she taught at Plant, and has been doing it ever since. She shares the contest with her students as an easy assignment that they can enjoy.

“I came up with this [idea] years ago. Way back in my time plan,” Bell said. “I just kinda came up with this idea of an ironic Valentine poem, something other than the traditional.”

Over the years, Bell has read a variety of poems, but specific qualities make certain poems stand out.

“Just something kinda silly,” she said. “You really know it when you hear it, in terms of how the rhyme or language is used.”

There will be 25 finalists, and the first, second and third place authors will all receive gift cards for their achievement.

“I just thought it was a fun, different way to approach the traditional idea of a Valentine’s poem. I think it just lends itself a lot to those who are very witty, have that sense of irony, and can think in a different way.”

Click here to get a taste of some of Bell’s bad poetry: