Time for FSA Reading


Photo Olivia Salzman

Sydney Clark (’15) makes use of the computers in the media center by working on her math homework.

Athena Crews, Staff Writer

This story was updated on Friday, April 14 at 1:06 a.m.

The Florida State Assessment reading testing began first thing Monday morning at 7:25 a.m. Students have tested in all computer labs in the school for the remainder of this week. The exam evaluates students’ reading comprehension for the Florida State standards. There is a graduation requirement with reading skills for ninth and 10th grade students and the state of Florida determines the results.

FSA is a two-part test where students, on their assigned days, sit in a computer lab for an hour and a half, or until finished testing, each day and read multiple stories or articles while answering questions accordingly. Students have been preparing for this test the whole year in their English classes.

“I think my 10th grade students will do very well,” said English teacher Susan DiFederico. “Last year we had a great success with the 10th graders. We work on reading comprehension all year through reading novels, short stories, annotating, comprehending, inference, and so it usually turns out pretty positive.”

Students felt that their work throughout the year paid off.

“I felt confident, it was very easy. I felt very prepared,” Bryce Hoover (’17) said.

Having not received the 2015 scores until last October, results are not expected to arrive for at least six months.