For seniors, college costs start in high school

Morgan Felt, Staff Writer

It’s college application time for high school seniors, and that means stress, nerves and even empty wallets.

$37.88 is the average cost of applying to a college, but the price can be as high as $90, which is the application fee for Stanford University.

Standardized tests add to the bill too: each individual ACT score costs $12 to send per school, and the SAT costs $11.25 per school to send scores after the free period for score sending six 6 schools has ended. This doesn’t include the cost to take the tests themselves, ranging from $40 to $57 for ACT and $43 to $56 for the SAT.

“I think it’s ridiculous, because we might not even get into the school, and the application fee is almost always non-refundable,” Emma Duffey (’17) said. “If we do get in and decide to go we will to that school then we’ll end up paying a ton for tuition.”

With this stress of a hectic senior year schedule and not wanting to pay the price for admissions many seniors have decided to limit their applications.

“I’m only applying to 3 schools, because it makes it a lot easier on me stress wise,” Jonah Miller (’17) said. “Plus I can realistically see myself going to these 3 and I don’t want to waste money on schools I know I wont go to.”