Robinson theater performs a Night of One-Acts

Leana Pustam, Perspectives Editor

Tonight is Robinson theater’s last day for their Night of One-Acts. The night consists of three different plays: Game of Tiaras, Melody and Other High School Drama, and Jet Black New Year.

Corey Hendricks (’18), who has been in theater since middle school, has a major role in these plays. She is starring as Cinderella, a lead role, in Game of Tiaras. She also wrote, directed, and starred in the comedy Melody and Other High School Drama.

“My mom got me into [theater] and I liked it a lot so I kept going with it,” Hendricks said.

Although Hendricks does not want to pursue theater as a career as of now, she thoroughly enjoys her time on stage.

“My favorite part [of acting] is definitely becoming somebody else and being able to showcase your talents but not as you.”

Robinson theater had their first musical three years ago, and ever since, they’ve been performing shows as popular as Hairspray.

“We worked really hard and we’re a growing program,” she said. “Since the first musical, we’ve gotten a lot better, worked a lot harder, and got more people to come in, so we’ve gotten some recognition for the things we’ve done lately.”

Students can purchase tickets to Night of One-Acts from Maureen Pelamati and Gabe Flores for $7 before the show and $10 at the door. The event will be held in the auditorium starting at 7 p.m.