Student crashes Driver’s Ed vehicle


Photo Mariano Hernandez

Damage is visible to the front of the driver’s education car after a student crashed it into the pole.

Sarah Jennewein, Staff Writer

A student crashed a driver’s education vehicle into a pole in the student parking lot during fifth period on Wed., Feb. 1. No students were injured. As the student attempted to navigate around a lamppost, he misjudged the turn and struck the pole.

“It was our second or third day of driving, and the first time they’ve actually drove around and not just going straight back and straight forward,” driver’s education teacher George DiFederico said.

Damage to the vehicle is evident, and the cost of the repair will be covered by Hillsborough County. At the start of the course, each driver’s ed student pays $40. This money is directed towards gas and oil for the cars, as well as repairs when mishaps such as this occur.

“You have a lot of people who take the class, and there’s a lot of money built up,” DiFederico said.“But once again, I don’t blame the kids they’re just learning to drive.”

If there’s any lesson to learn from this incident, DiFederico believes that it regards honesty and self-awareness.

“If you’re asked to do something you’re not comfortable with, or don’t think you’re capable of doing, you should speak up.”

This is not the first time an accident has occurred on the Driver’s Ed course, and the mishap does not faze DiFederico.

“We’ll get it fixed and no one got hurt, and that’s the most important thing.”