Sadie Hawkins dance cancelled due to lack of interest


Photo Leana Pustam

A poster promoting the now-cancelled event.

Morgan Felt, Staff Writer

The Spring Fling/Sadie Hawkins dance has been canceled because the number of ticket sales did not reach the required amount. All of the proceeds for the dance were supposed to go to The Spring, a local women’s shelter, but due to the dances’ cancelation this will not occur.

Student Government President Liliam Clavijo (’17) was heavily involved in the preparations for the event.

“I’m upset because this would’ve been the first time we had this event in a long time, and I have spoken to people and people were really excited to go,” Clavijo said. “Plus a portion of the proceeds were supposed to go to a really good cause, and we worked really hard to make sure it wasn’t just a dance, but that it was also charitable.”

Clavijo’s SGA adviser, Kristina Chowning, said the group had worked to ensure the Spring Fling would be an event for all.

“We really had some fun things that were going to happen, we had food really nice decor,” Chowning said. “It was a brand new DJ that was going to be the DJ for prom, so we also thought this would be a good way to test him out and tweak anything we needed to before prom.”

Despite the efforts, ticket sales were low. SGA was required to sell 100 tickets by Tuesday, Feb. 21 to hold the event, but fell slightly under 3o tickets short.

Part of this, say students, was due to a lack of communication about the event.

“I didn’t know that the ticket prices were going towards a good cause. I think that if I did know that the proceeds were going towards the women’s shelter than I would’ve been more inclined to go,” Charlotte Tuohy (’17) said. “I also think that because it was held at school it would’ve been a lot different from Homecoming and Prom and more low key.”

There is still a raffle going on for goody bags that were supposed to be auctioned off at the dance, but due to the cancellation, the raffle is going on in Chowning’s office in the library. Ticket refunds are taking place in the cafeteria during lunches, but anyone who still wishes to donate can decline the refund, and the money will go to The Spring.