Students scramble as third nine weeks comes to a close


Photo Minh-Khanh Lam

Deadlines loom for students as the third nine weeks ends on March 9.

Minh-Khanh Lam, Staff Writer

As the third quarter ends on Friday, March 10, students are trying to turn in last-minute work in hopes to raise their grade.

“I’m super stressed because my grades aren’t where I want them to be and I won’t going to be at school on Friday because I’m starting spring break early,” Bryce Hoover (’18) said.

For some students, spring break might not be the relief most students are looking for.

“Our group 4 project is due on Thursday [March 9th]  and I have EE research notes due this Sunday and still have to annotate five poems over spring break,” Deborah Goncalves (’18) said. “It’s not even about grades anymore, it’s about worrying about the requirements to obtain our IB diploma.”

A lot of students are finally feeling the impact of procrastination. Kenneth Matteson (’17) said that he started his AP work pretty late and it finally started catching up to him and he doesn’t know how he’s going to be able to finish.

Not everyone is having a bad week, though. Katelynn Taylor (’19) said that she’s not as stressed as her peers.

“This quarter wasn’t as hard as it could’ve been,” Taylor said. “Only a few classes were stressing me out. I’m going to study more for fourth quarter and use flash cards to achieve my study goals.”