Student loses bet, doggone excited for first day

Macy McClintock, Managing Editor

On the first day of school, most students enter the campus sporting the newest fashion trends, makeup and haircuts. But for junior Lauren Johnson, her idea of “hottest fashion trends” was taken a bit literally.

After losing a bet to her friend, Johnson wore a giant hot dog costume to the first day of school.

“I’ve had it since seventh grade but I found it in my garage over the summer,” Lauren said. “I started wearing it around the house and sent pictures of me in it to a couple friends.”

That’s when her friend, Grace Brill (’19), asked her how many Instagram likes it would take for Lauren to wear the costume on the first day of school.

Her response?


The picture ended up getting 73 likes, putting Lauren in the losing seat.

“I honestly never expected Lauren to do it [wear the costume],” Brill said. “But she pulled through and it was hilarious.”

The sight of a hot dog wandering the halls caught the eyes of, and confused, many students but Lauren was just having fun while going along with the bet.

“I got a lot of laughs and really blew some minds,” Lauren said. “My friends didn’t think I would do it.”

I guess this is a lesson when it comes to bets: be careful what you ask for or else you may end up in the dog house.