Student Government hurries to prepare Homecoming dance


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Students cheer and dance during Robinson’s 2016 Homecoming

Mackenzie Hatton, Staff Writer

Homecoming is one of the biggest events of the school year and this year, there have been a couple of major decisions that have got many students talking.

For one, the dance will be held at Pattinis Bistro and Skate, a rollerskating rink close to Robinson. Pattinis holds many events including birthday parties and business events, but a high school dance might be a first.

Sarah Sanford, the co-sponsor for the Student Government Association (SGA) thinks this will be a fun venue for Homecoming.

“The skating rink offers a diverse amount of activities and a really fun scene and vibe for students,” Sanford said.

She also pointed out that students will not have the option to roller skate. However, the ticket price will include unlimited arcade games for the night.

“At first I thought it was really weird,” Student Government President Laney Johansen (’18) admitted. “But now I think it’s really unique and retro.”

Another senior is equally optimistic about the choice of venue this year.

“A rollerskating rink is new, cool, and colorful,” Yaimilly Ayala (’18) said. “It really pops which is what I want my senior year to be like.”

The date of the dance is another popular topic of conversation. This year, Homecoming is only four weeks into the school year, September 9th. In the past, students have had two or three months to prepare. Some people are nervous about not having enough time to find a dress, or a date.

“[The date] has to do with the football schedule,” Sanford said. “Student Government doesn’t set when the homecoming game is, it’s something we’re told by administration.”

Although the dance seems to be sneaking up fast, students seem to be excited to be at the rink in just a few short weeks.

Tickets went on sale today, Monday, August 21, for $40. Tickets will continue to be sold during lunches until the day before the dance but the price will increase each week.