Robinson theater in the Big Apple

Cassidy Williams, Staff Writer

Select Robinson theater students have spent the last week in the Big Apple performing an original musical written and directed by teacher Gabriel Flores.

Flores and the theater students made the trip to New York City to perform in the New York film festival; Summerfest. They’re performing an original musical called Call It In The Air, written and directed Flores along with his writing partner, Taryn Alexander.

Flores highlights his hopes of placing in the competition section of Summerfest.

“I think we might have a good shot at best score since there are fewer musicals at these things,” Flores said. “So we’re thinking our [musical] score and our music might be pretty high.”

The musical is about a man and his choices and how they catch up with him later in life. The cast is very invested in their characters  and are grateful for this unique learning experience. They are extremely excited for the opportunity, especially senior Caldera Ripine.

“Its honestly been amazing like nothing I’ve ever done before,” Ripine said. “What happened is I was one of the first people who was put on this project and I saw this musical come from words on a paper into a whole script into a whole cast on a stage so that’s amazing.”

The musical will not only be happening in New York City. Once they get back, the rehearsals will continue and we will have the opportunity to see it here in Tampa Bay.

Samantha Garcia (’20) holds a very important role in the musical.

“I help with audio production and sound,” Garcia said.  “So, I help them set up microphones and speakers, make sure it sounds good for the audience.”

Even though she does not get the glamour of working on stage, it has still been a memorable opportunity.

“It’s been fun. I’ve learned a lot,” Garcia said.