Homecoming Spirit Week and Pep Rally


Photo Athena Crews

This years 2017 homecoming spirit week days.

Athena Crews, Staff Writer

Homecoming is approaching quickly, following spirit week. Spirit week will be September 5th through 8th while homecoming arrives the Saturday after, September 9. The spirit week days have now been announced after much deliberation from student government and will be as followed:

Monday, Sept. 4: No School (Labor Day)

Tuesday, Sept. 5: Military Appreciation Day; wear purple

Wednesday, Sept. 6: Character Day; no face paint or masks

Thursday, Sept. 7: Respect Your Elders; juniors and seniors dress as elders, freshman and sophomores dress as infants

Friday. Sept. 8: Disco Day

Many students at Robinson who have attended here years prior know Friday as being the day of school colors. This year, Student Government has decided to try something new.

“We decided to change it to being a disco day since it’s our homecomings theme,” said Bryce Hoover (’18), SGA member. “We’ve never actually dressed up before to match the theme of homecoming so we thought it would be fun to do this year.”

Since our homecoming game follows the week after the rivalry Plant game, instead of having two pep rallies in a row, there will be no homecoming pep rally. Instead, we will only be having the Plant pep rally, which will be held on September 1. It will honor the fall sports and will involve performances from both band and cheer as well as games and an announcement to Plant, with maybe a few surprises.