First quarter comes to a close

Students scramble to better grades before quarter ends

Morgan Brazier, Staff Writer

The first quarter of the school year is coming to a close today and many students are concerned.

Some students feel like the grading period shouldn’t have ended this early because of the seven school days that were lost to Hurricane Irma in September. The lost time has caused some concern for students that they will not have enough time to fix their grades.

“I’m really stressed about the quarter ending on Friday,” Chaitra Peddireddy (’20) said.  “Mostly because I missed a lot of days due to Irma and then it took me a long time to catch up and get back on track.”

Teachers are also a little upset about this lost time, not only because of the grades they still have to put in but also because they have lost time that they needed to teach the curriculum.

Math teacher Judi Charley-Sale said that while she is not too concerned about getting all of her grades in on time she knows that some other teachers are.

“I think [the end of the quarter] seems kind of sudden because we lost some time because of the hurricane<” Charley-Sale said. “It feels like it was a very short grading period.”

While many students and teachers can agree that it has been difficult to get everything in order before Friday some are not as worried about the grading period ending.

“I’m not super worried, actually I’m not worried at all,” Cooper Degeorge (’20) said.

The second quarter starts next Tuesday.  First quarter grades will be released online in the coming weeks. The date has not been announced.