Flu shots administered today to eligible students


Photo Isabel Hanewicz

Flu shots will be available starting at 10:45 a.m. in the clinic for students who turned in a signed form.

Athena Crews, Staff writer

Today, October 13, students who returned a form signed by their parents will be eligible to get a flu shot administered in the clinic from 10:45 a.m., until they’re done.

“Getting a flu shot does not mean that you will not get the flu, but decreases your chances of getting the flu and you will miss less days of school,” Christine Chapman, the school nurse, said.

Students who are signed up for the shot filled out a form that was in the first day of school packet, or could have gotten a form from the clinic that needed your parents signature, allowing you to get your shots. If a student is unsure if they are signed up, they can check their eligibility in the clinic.

Getting a flu shot at school allows students to take a few minutes away from their school day to get their shots, without having to make a doctors appointment, making it favorable and more convenient for parents who work during the day.

“I get my flu shot from school every year, I have ever since I was little,” Madison Courtemanche (’18) said. “My parents think it’s more convenient.”

The schools clinic provides more than just flu shots. If you are signed up for the Healthy Students program, you are entitled to things such as Advil, and even pregnancy tests. Students are eligible to sign up at any time during the year, and it is highly recommended. Forms can be found in the clinic, or in student affairs.