Adios Senora Oliveros

Spanish teacher quits suddenly leaving students and the Spanish department scrambling to make up the slack.

Nathalie Monroy, Staff Writer

Barbara Oliveros, one of the Robinson’s  IB Spanish teachers, recently quit, leaving staff and students affected and confused.

“I think it’s unfortunate…because she was highly qualified for the position but she had family things to take care of,” Assistant Principal Brian Hoover said. “I wish she was able to stay for the remainder of the year, but now that she has resigned we are looking to get in a new teacher there pretty quickly.”

So although it was abrupt, the school is prepared to make the necessary changes to fix the situation. The administration is prepared to make accommodations in order for students to get back on track. But, some teachers and students are still trying to adjust.

IB Spanish teacher Silvina Iglesias  also believes it’s an unfortunate situation.

“I don’t really know the real reason why she quit,” Iglesias said. “Though it’s hard for me to understand it..because as a teacher I always [put] my student [first]…and I’ve been there, in very hard situations but still I didn’t quit because I knew that it was going to be bad for the students and their future.”

Moreover, Iglesias is really concerned with how the students are being  affected by it.

“There have been a lot of interruptions.,” Iglesias said. “With subs here and there…they don’t have continuity. They need to have a solid foundation.”

For Sabrina Takagishi, an IB freshman taking Spanish 1, it was more than just worrying about interruptions, but also missing a beloved teacher.

“We miss her energy and vibes and like the positivity she brought to the classroom,” Takagishi said.