Don’t let spirit week become obsolete

The week before Homecoming is supposed to be full of fun costumes and festivities, but a decline in participation has spirit week looking mundane.

Brooke Volpi, Staff Writer

Spirit week is meant for students to go above and beyond with their wacky and creative costumes in anticipation of Homecoming. However, it appears as though many students have forgotten its true value. In favor of not looking “dumb”, these students ignore the festive spirit and come to school as if it were just any other week.

“I think it kind of brings people together,” Zachary Remante (’19) said. “But most of the people don’t really do it. So some people just shrug it off and don’t really care for it, so it’s kind of not useful.”

Many students and teachers can agree the lack of participation in spirit week has taken away from the fun.

“I think spirit week is a good thing–it’s a good idea,” said Manuel Montero, a physics teacher at Robinson. “However, I feel like with every passing year it becomes less and less student involved.”

As a long-term veteran teacher at Robinson, Montero has been able to watch the school evolve.

“I remember, even when I worked here around 10 years ago, it seemed like there was way more involvement,” Montero said. “I don’t know if school pride is just a thing of the past and it’s never coming back… It feels to me like people just aren’t into it anymore.”

However, in the face of this declining enthusiasm, some students still choose to take advantage of this fun opportunity and plan their spirit week outfits weeks in advance. Some even go as far as to make their own costume by themselves. These are the students bringing spirit to Robinson, and these are the students improving everyone’s day with their clever costumes.

“I think it’s a great idea for us to hype up homecoming,” Gage Ferris (’21) said. “Especially since the game is this Friday… and it’s just a good time to have fun at school.”