Robinson crowns their king and queen

Bryce Hoover and Zjala Phelps were crowned as homecoming king and queen at halftime of last Fridays homecoming game.


Photo Abigail Meyer

The 2017 Homecoming King and Queen were crowned at the football game against Middleton.

Macey Hatton, Staff Writer

During halftime of the homecoming game last Friday, the homecoming king and queen were announced. After a nerve-wracking few minutes, Bryce Hoover was the one to pull the sword out of the stone and lead it to the homecoming queen, Zjala Phelps.

Bryce Hoover (’18) has run all four years he has attended Robinson. He won his freshman and sophomore year, but fell just a little short of the prince title his junior year. “I came back senior year to get my crown,” Hoover said.

“I was pretty confident [I was going to win],” Hoover also said. He said he felt like he was popular enough to get the votes he needed to take home the crown.

And although Hoover was very optimistic, he admitted he had a few worries. “I was really anxious, especially when Alain and Caroline went up there,” Hoover said. ” Caroline Caplinger (’18) and Alain Toranzo (’18) were just two of his opponents running against him for the crown.

The queen, Zjala Phelps (’18), was in shock when Hoover walked over to hand her the sword.

“I did not think I was going to win,” Phelps said. The only reason she ran in the first place was because her best friend didn’t want to, so her friend convinced Phelps to do so instead.

Both Phelps and Hoover were elated to win the crown because, as you can imagine, it’s such a great experience to have your last year of high school. Phelps said “it was crazy” that she was able to have this opportunity.

“I got goose bumps,” said Hoover when he was finally pulled the sword out of the stone.

Phelps felt almost exactly the same about being crowned queen. “I was astonished, amazed, and flabbergasted [when he brought me the sword].”

And according to Hoover, “It feels great to be king.”