Spirit store comes to Robinson

Robinson is opening an in-school spirit store, located in the “bubble” in the cafeteria.


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Brooke Volpi, Staff Writer

Many schools around Hillsborough County have spirit stores, a shop within the school where students that might not have the most gear in their closet can load up with school pride. Robinson is the next to capitalize on this idea.

Robinson will open their new spirit store tomorrow, Feb. 21, that will operate every Wednesday and Fridays during all lunches. The store will be run by Teamwork, whose main location is at 2403 S. Dale Mabry Hwy., across the street from Plant High School.

As of right now, there are only a few ways to obtain Robinson gear. First, joining an extracurricular, such as a sport, club, or the band, will likely provide you with or give you an opportunity to buy gear representing that group. Students also get Robinson merchandise by ordering it from Robinson fundraisers. These fundraisers are usually put on by sports and allow anyone to buy a shirt or other items to support their team. However, these fundraisers often offer limited options, take time to come in, and have a pretty steep price.

Meghan Gibbons (’19), a soccer and flag football player, has used these fundraisers to purchase Robinson items.

“I get all of my gear from my sports,” Gibbons said. “I order Robinson gear for my family of seven through fundraisers like Fancloth, which can be expensive.”

For those not involved in extracurriculars, getting Robinson gear can be tricky. Cooper DeGeorge (’20) gets gear, despite not being involved in any Robinson extracurriculars.

“I get my Robinson gear from the sports teams,” he said. “There’s a store over by Plant [Teamwork] that sells stuff there as well, but other than that it’s kind of hard to find [gear].”

The implementation of a spirit store would make getting Robinson spirit-wear– from backpacks and magnets to hoodies and hats– much easier.

Student Government sponsor Sarah Sanford shares the idea behind the store.

“It’s to provide Robinson students the opportunity to purchase Robinson gear while they are at school,” she said. “Instead of having to go to Teamwork on their own, or instead of having to find stuff that looks like Robinson gear, we want to be able to provide it in-house, as inexpensive as possible.”

Editor’s note: The KNN Morning Show spoke with Principal Robert Bhoolai about the store. We’ve embedded the video below for some more information about the store’s opening.