Robinson says goodbye to Mr. Hoover

Students and teachers bid farewell to IB assistant principal Brian Hoover


Photo M. McClintock

After high fiving the students, Brian Hoover looks at the hundreds of students cheering for him.

Morgan Brazier, Managing Editor

Robinson’s assistant principal for magnet curriculum Brian Hoover recently accepted a job at Spoto High School. While students and staff at Robinson are happy for Hoover and supportive of this next step in his career, they are also sad to see him go.

Hoover celebrated his last day at Robinson on Friday, August 24, with a clap out from students in Robinsons IB Program and an after school get together with some fellow staff members. (See a photo gallery from the clap out here).

“It’s gonna feel like a dark cloud is over the school, because he’s just so wonderful,” IB school counselor and CAS coordinator Erika George said. George has worked closely with Hoover during his time at Robinson. “He really is just such a warm person and always there to help out and we also share a lot of laughs together…it’s always nice to have someone that you can laugh with,” she said.

While at Robinson, Hoover developed close relationships with many staff members at Robinson, including Christine Chapman, the school nurse who came to Robinson around the same time as Hoover.

“He was my savior. I mean, he obviously knew that this was a new nurse to this school and, of all the administrators that year, he was the one who was always the most helpful,” Chapman said.

Hoover is described by his colleagues as kind and caring; someone who goes above and beyond to help those around him. When asked about Hoover, Chapman and George recalled happy memories that are now bitter-sweet as they say goodbye to their colleague and friend.

“He even served as the back up for the clinic a couple of times…he would literally take the keys to the clinic and be responsible for giving medication, I have never seen an administrator do that,” Chapman said.

As for Hoover, he feels that moving to Spoto is the best choice for him, but he will always remember feeling at home at Robinson.

“I think anyone who’s been at Robinson for more than a couple years, you just realize one day it does feel like home. When I came to Robinson I didn’t really know anyone…but within a year or so it feels like family,” Hoover said.

The KNN Morning Show produced a video about Hoover’s last day. Check it out here.