Robinson celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

Racquel Ingram, Staff Writer

National Hispanic Heritage month took place from September 15 -October 15, with the Robinson High Schools Spanish National Honor Society holding its annual celebration October 8 through 12 with various events.

Over the week-long celebration, the Spanish classes hosted a number of events such as dances representing different Hispanic countries, card games and dominos.

The main goal was to get students interested in learning about different countries and different nationalities. The week of celebration gave a little sneak peak of all the different countries out there.

“We are going to be dancing different kinds of music that involve different kinds of countries and most of the students dancing are from different countries so we are hoping this will pull the attention of the students,”  Robles said.

Many students participating in the dances were especially excited for the opportunity to express their heritage and share it with their fellow classmates.

“I feel its important for people to know and learn about their Hispanic heritage,” Maggy Romon (’20) said.

Monday October 8 was the opening day for Hispanic Heritage week and kicked celebrations off with a dance. There were also performances during all lunches, each including a couples dance and a group dance.

The next day of celebrations featured students in the Spanish classes celebrating “Proud of My Country Day” where students came together to reflect pride of their countries. They showed their Hispanic pride by dressing up in Hispanic customs or T-shirts representing Hispanic countries.

On Wednesday there were no activities due to PSAT and SAT testing.

Friday, the last day of National Heritage Month, students performed their authentic Spanish dances during lunches and had music and a buffet full of Spanish food so staff and students could go around and taste different Hispanic meals.