Reaching for the stars


Photo R. ingram

Starlet members Victoria Moore (’20) and Ariana Looz (’21) bust a move in the lip gloss portion of their dance routine. The Starlets practiced for three weeks on this throwback inspired dance routine.

Jasmine Vidovich, Staff Writer

Robinson’s Starlets hope to stay shining bright this Saturday night at Durant High school.

The Starlets will be heading to Durant for a competition, with each show lasting about 5 minutes. Even so, the Starlets put a great amount of effort into rehearsal, practicing three times a week in preparation for this eventful day.

This puts pressure on the dance team’s members. With all of this preparation, and the night of the competition coming close, how do they fare? One Starlet, Emily Kauget, a freshman this year, has had some experience in this pursuit for victory.

“Sometimes it’s stressful, but the team’s very supportive if you mess up,” she said.

Kauget enjoy spending time with fellow Starlets, which aids her desire to dance.

“I just love spending time with them [the girls] during practices… they’re all really nice,” Kauget said.

Each year, the Starlets have two seasons— Marching Season and Winter Guard. Each year has a theme based upon the song that the team chooses.

This year’s show is called Burned, centered around the song “I Will Never Die” by Delta Rae. It will create a fiery, upbeat theme.

There is another difference that the Robinson Starlets hope to make this year— win first place at Durant.

“We keep practicing, we keep working harder and preparing ourselves for the Durant competition, and we’re pushing ourselves even harder now because we know that we can get up to first place, so we just need to keep pushing ourselves,” said Rebekah Gilliland (’19), a senior Starlet.

Gilliland, like other Starlets, is yearning to win first place at Durant. Her teammates are a great source of inspiration for her.

“I see my teammates getting better and better, and it makes me want to prove myself harder… I see other people on videos, and I want to be like them,” Gilliland said.