Assistant principal Lockett promoted to CTE supervisor

After eight years, Robinson’s assistant principal Niki Lockett moves to a new position as a Career and Technical Education supervisor


Photo Amariah Alvarez

Nikki Lockett dances with her daughter at a pep rally during the 2018-2019 school year.

Morgan Brazier, Editor-in-cheif

Since 2010, Niki Lockett worked as an assistant principal at Robinson, and now after nine years, she will be moving to a new position as Supervisor of Career, Technical and Adult Education for the Hillsborough county school district.

When she first came to Robinon in 2010, Lockett was the assistant principal for student affairs, then in 2013 was promoted to assistant principal of administration. Lockett said she gained a lot from her time at Robinson.

“I absolutely loved my time at Robinson. I started my administrative career there in 2010 and watched Robinson grow,” Lockett said.

Lockett started off in 2001 at Alonso High School as a family and consumer science teacher, from there she moved to Middleton High School, then left the district to teach in North Carolina for a year before returning to Hillsborough county.  Upon returning, Lockett taught at Tampa Bay Tech and then moved to Robinson.

“I loved being the Assistant Principal for Administration and made many connections with staff but especially students,” Lockett said. “It was tough to leave them.”

But Lockett was more than just a teacher and administrator. She was also a cheer coach at many of her previous schools and an adviser for various clubs and worked as Robinson’s athletics director.

As far as who will take over Lockett’s position, the new AP Luis Suarez was appointed at the district board meeting on Aug. 20 and will start at Robinson Monday, Aug. 26.

Robinson’s principal Robert Bhoolai said that he hopes the new administrator will “support our students and our teachers in their endeavors to provide the best schooling experience for our family.”

Lockett has also shared that she is excited for her new position and hopes it will be a good way to support people in the school system.

“[I expect] to do the best I can to support teachers in the Career and technical area and be equipped to teach students to be successful in careers or post secondary education,” Lockett said