Not much RHS spirit will be brought to the game against Booker

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer

Yesterday, Robinson was supposed to have a spirit bus to go to the varsity football game against Booker high School. However, the bus got cancelled when an overall seven kids bought tickets.

Dusold tried hard to get people to buy tickets but it wasn’t as easy as he thought. The bus would have sold out with 55 tickets sold.  He said the last spirit bus he can remember was when they played Hardy in the playoffs which was in 2012 or 2013.

Dusold hoped to have a better turnout to help support the football team during the district game.

“It is a moral advantage or a big boost to the guys to look in the stands and see our kids there cheering them on.,” he said. “That really is a factor in playing harder knowing that you have the student body behind you. It seemed like it would be a great way, great opportunity to do that and to have them see that and to build spirit as a school.”

Dusold said that SGA might try another spirit bus in the future.

“We might try and put some effort into trying it again. I don’t know whether it will be this year or next year,” said Thomas Dusold, SGA sponsor and history teacher. “Maybe do things a little differently, maybe get a little bit earlier start on it, maybe open it up on MyPaymentsPlus to sell tickets that way as well, because we tend to have a better response electronically then we do in person sometimes.”

How far away the game was and the length of time tickets were sold were a factor in the lack of sales.

“I didn’t get a ticket because I wasn’t allowed to because my brother wasn’t going and maybe,” Sydney Hall (’22) said. “I would have had a better chance at being able to get a ticket if the game was closer.”