Celebrities stepping up

Celebrities use their wealth to help others.


John Krasinski’s Prom from his Youtube channel, “Some Good News.”

Jaylen Stasio, Staff Writer

With the many downsides of COVID-19, many celebrities are trying to improve other people’s lives, whether it be people working for them or the residents in their building. These positive situations are a great way to look at COVID-19 through a different perspective.

Recently, John Krasinski has been making Youtube videos in order to try to break the tension of COVID-19. Just last Friday, he hosted a virtual prom for all of the seniors across the globe. In this prom, he invited multiple different artists to entertain the upperclassmen. Not only did this relieve the tension, but it also gave hope to the seniors despite their difficult situation and allowed them to have a positive outlook on an unfortunate circumstance.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard aided their tenants in light of the global crisis by waiving rent for April in their LA building. With many people losing their jobs, this selfless act is benefiting many families within the residence. Bell and Shepard were willing to sacrifice income in order to benefit others in a time of need, inspiring other celebrities to do so as well.

Zion Williamson has been very active in supporting others since his draft into the NBA. COVID-19 has influenced Williamson to cover the wages of all the employees who are losing money that work in the Smoothie King Center arena in New Orleans. He was one of the first athletes to donate such a large amount of money. Not only is it crazy that he’s supporting so many people, but to think that this basketball player is only a rookie and he’s already giving away his money is inspiring.

Ed Sheeran owns a restaurant in London called Bertie Blossom’s. Although there are only a few people who work there, Sheeran announced he will still be paying their wages and even encouraging them to either volunteer or find additional jobs. Not only does this help the workers when it comes to money, but it also helps to ease their minds and create an opportunity to relax.

The Bucs have been in the news a lot lately, but despite all of the news of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowsi joining the team, the Bucs owner has donated 500 million meals to the Tampa Bay area. The area has a lot of people unable to provide meals for their family and with the Bucs donating $750,000 to this good cause, there has been lots of improvement. Along with the Bucs, Tom Brady has also donated 10 million meals to Feeding America in spite of the outbreak.

All of these celebrities donating and doing good for the community gives hope in an unfortunate circumstance. It inspires people and relieves the stress of possible issues people are experiencing. In a time like this, it is crucial for everyone to come together and acts like these are getting the job done.