Breaking: COVID-19 reaches Robinson


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Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief

Friday afternoon, Robinson parents and students received an automated phone call from Principal Robert Bhoolai explaining that RHS has experienced its first COVID-19 case, almost two weeks after the school opened to brick and mortar students.

“If you did not get a personal phone call from the main office, your child is not directly impacted and did not come in close contact with this individual,” Bhoolai said in the call.

The individual’s name will be not disclosed for privacy purposes. Bhoolai ended the call with words of encouragement.

“We feel that transparency in this public health situation is of the utmost importance, as always, we appreciate your support,” Bhoolai said.

This is a developing story. RHSToday staff will continue to monitor this case and the school district’s COVID-19 dashboard for more information.

Edit: as of September 18, parents and students received another automated call confirming Robinson’s second COVID-19 case.