Yearbook staff adopt unconventional approach in response to 2020

Yearbook staff are turning challenge into creativity by creating a book to match a year that’s just as unconventional.


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Samuel Elliott, Staff Writer

2020’s COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for unprecedented changes in the entirety of student and faculty life, enough to cement itself as a year to remember, and students can be sure to count on this year’s yearbook to document it all.

There have been many wrenches thrown into the production of this year’s yearbook, from restricted event coverage and the inability to do student interviews, to the logistical snafu that is a school picture day with half of students doing eLearning.

This has caused RHS’s yearbook staff to adopt a different approach in both documenting and presenting content. As Clara Celedon, Robinson Yearbook’s Editor-in-Chief states:

“There have been many unforeseen challenges impacting the creation of the book so far, because many things haven’t been confirmed to happen, so it’s hard to plan the pages,” Celedon said. “This year our book will be chronological instead of by sections, due to the uncertainty surrounding the school year, so we can get content by season.”

Students can expect a book detailing the progression of sports, events, clubs and extracurricular programs as the year goes on, as administration has helped to strike a balance between safety and coverage for in-person events. Yearbook adviser Joanie Oben has been working hard with both school and district administration to find the best solutions to many of the issues facing the team.

An air of confidence permeates her words when asked about the expectations for yearbook staff in this year’s atypical¬†production experience.

“Administration has been very helpful and understanding of the needs of the yearbook staff. A lot of our challenges stem from a district level, it does make things more difficult but they’re trying to keep everyone safe,” Oben recognizes. “We all have to work with the challenges but I know the staff will rise to the occasion and this book will be another award winner!”

Celedon echoes this attitude:

“I’m concerned about the book this year and how we will get enough content with everything being cancelled, but I believe that our theme emphasizes how Robinson is able to adapt and grow despite the unforeseen challenges.”

Despite the uncertainties and challenges of the social and extracurricular aspects of this year’s school term, students are encouraged to buy a yearbook to preserve this notable year in Robinson’s history.¬†Cheaper book tier prices are extended this year to account for any uncertainties students may have on purchasing a yearbook, and prices currently sit at $75 until October 31st.