Q&A: Mousseau raises the bar for Teacher of the Year

Robinson’s Economics teacher, Ms. Mousseau, is this year’s Teacher of the Year!


Photo Jennifer Le

Melissa Mousseau sitting behind her desk.

Meena Vasquez, A&E Editor

Oftentimes despite their dedication, most of a teacher’s work goes unnoticed. The Teacher of the Year award aims to recognize the dedicated work a teacher brings to our school.

Economics teacher Melissa Mousseau was named this year’s Teacher of the Year. Mousseau filled her classroom with puppets, posters and interactive questions, engaging her many students and making Economics a class for her students to look forward to. RHSToday was able to interview her on this recent accomplishment.

Q: How long have you been teaching for? What do you teach?

A: “This is my 25th year teaching and I am [a] social studies teacher. I currently teach IB Economics, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, as well as a Dual Enrollment class called College Success.”

Q: What made you want to teach?

A: “I wanted to teach because I wanted to help students understand the importance of history/social studies. History was my favorite subject in school.”

Q: How did you end up in Robinson?

A: “I graduated from Robinson in 1992 and USF in 1996. When I graduated in December, I was fortunate to get a job. There happened to be an opening at Robinson mid-year because a social studies teacher left.”

Q: What’s your favorite teaching style?

A: “My favorite teaching style would be discussion. I believe posing challenging questions and forcing students to defend their position is  a valuable teaching tool.”

Q: How did you receive the award?

A: “The administrators came in while Mr. Flores played the drums and presented me with the award.”

Q: Do you have any idea how you became teacher of the year?

A: “I am not sure why I was voted Teacher of the Year but I am very humbled and honored.”