PTSA and SGA team up for winter supply drive

See how the school is working to help stop hunger in our community


Photo Courtesy Robinson High School PTSA

The PTSA//SGA joint food drive, taking place every Thursday this holiday season.

Samuel Elliott, Staff Writer

The Robinson Parent Teacher Student Association has joined with the Student Government Association to host a weekly winter supply drive every Thursday. Donations are taken during the AM and PM car lines, and if individuals are unable to donate during those times, they are encouraged to go to the front office, where donations can also be dropped off.

RHSToday spoke to the PTSA and SGA on how the drive has went so far, advice on what people can donate and the role Robinson has in helping out our community.

“It’s gone ok, we had some delays getting started with the hurricane, but now it is in full swing. The students are awesome with posters and a schedule to work the pick-up and drop-off car line. [We are] hoping the parents start donating each day now. We have been able to donate two totes of donations to the Gandy Civic Center,” PTSA said in a statement.

The Gandy Civic Center, where these donations are heading, is a center for community outreach where those in need can receive, for free, a box of dry groceries every Thursday. The center can even coordinate a drop-off program for those not able to get to the center. These donations help out with supplying these programs, and it is important that the foods delivered are non-perishable. There are a breadth of items in demand:

“Non-perishable items are needed most. Canned food, pasta, cereal, peanut butter, crackers, etc. Stuff that will last. This year the Metropolitan Ministries has stopped their weekly ‘boxes of hope’ program for the local food pantries that distribute food locally,’ PTSA said.

In the full force of a pandemic, with an economy that hasn’t yet reached full force since its shutdown, many individuals and their families are in uncertain conditions. Programs like this can help to provide a bit of stability and support for many communities hit especially hard. With the Gandy Civic Center being just a mile and a half from school, the drive directly supports RHS families in need.

SGA member Priya Sambasvian (’22) elaborated on Robinson’s role in the community, especially through opportunities for activism such as the supply drive.

“I think it’s important for Robinson to foster its surrounding community because, essentially, we are all members of it. Whether you’re a student or staff member or even live close to the school, we’re all part of the same community and we should all do our part to help each other and benefit the common good, especially during such difficult times,” Sambasvian said.

Sambasvian also spoke on the importance of the drive in the community, specifically its effects on student involvement.

“I believe that the increase of activism amongst youth is definitely providing good opportunities for those who want to get more involved,” Sambasvian said. “By simply raising awareness about an important issue, one is encouraging others to get involved and try to do their part and make a difference, which is always the goal when it comes to bettering lives and our community.”

The PTSA is also running their UKNIGHTED campaign this year, until Dec. 16, which provides a more conducive option for to e-learning students.